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You can commence your registration for the Ubuntu Developer Summit or the Ubuntu Enterprise Summit from this page.

Developer Summit

Online from 5-7 May 2015
from 2pm - 8pm UTC

The Ubuntu Online Summit is the event at which we plan for the forthcoming version of Ubuntu as well as celebrating and educating on the use of the current version.

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Answers to the most frequent queries are on this page. If you have a question not covered by this section, or if you need a supporting letter for your visa application, please contact events@canonical.com directly.

  • Who can attend UOS?

    Everyone is welcome to participate, and we commonly see community members, partners, app developers, enthusiasts, and members of the press attending.

  • How do I join the event?

    Joining is simple. Simply register first and then visit summit.ubuntu.com on the dates of the next event. You can then pick which sessions you want to view and participate in .

  • Do I need a Google account to watch the video streams?

    No. The streams are streamed to anyone who views the session. The only time you need a Google account is if you participate in one of the hangouts.

  • How do I join the hangout in a session?

    Everyone is welcome to join the video hangout. To join, simply click the Join Video Hangout button.

    Tips for Joining a Session

    • Always join the video hangout if you can – it makes the session more dynamic
    • Please check your mic and video is working before joining a video hangout
    • Always keep an eye on the chat channel to ensure participants there are referenced in the video discussion

  • How do the sessions work?

    All of the sessions will be available on summit.ubuntu.com before the event. The event is split into the following tracks:

    • App Development
    • CloudDevOps
    • Community
    • Ubuntu Development
    • Design
    • Users
    To participate in a session, simply choose the sessions you are most interested in at their scheduled times and you will see the integrated hangout, IRC channel, notes, and related links. You can interact with the session using the integrated IRC channel. Read more about how to join a session. Anyone who joins the Ubuntu Developer Summit is welcome to propose a session for the event.

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